Pinterest acquires Punchfork and other ‘manly’ stories

Recently acquired Punchfork


Pinterest has women talking and sharing more than ever before. A great thing for both marketers and the site. In 2012, it was reported that the site had a global population of 83% women.

Yet the UK upset the cart with 56% men on Pinterest-probably sharing freshly taken pics from the English premier league, so no harm!

[Pinterest] Officially drove more traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ —

Although not intended to discourage male participation and still looking to appeal to their largest faithful audience the virtual pinboard giant went acquiring Punchfork in late 2012-indicating that Pinterest is betting big on recipe sharing in the new year.

With some tech gurus pointing to this year as the year that Pinterest may get acquired, it remains to be seen how well the virtual pin board can balance between it’s full plate of successful milestones and the critical opportunity(read money maker) that marketers and developers are waiting for-to plug into the platform and make sense of Pinterest’s impact on sales and brand growth.

We see two angles with this acquisition:

  1. Pinterest is preparing for data sharing with developers-something Punchfork is already good at or,
  2. Pinterest was intimidated by the highly similar (interface) and highly specific (food) platform.

Either way, you decide. Happy Pinning!

Read More Here.

[Picture Courtesy Punchfork]


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