Turkey, Fastest growing country on LinkedIn

LinkedIn at 200+Million

LinkedIn at 200+Million. More Join the club.

LinkedIn continues its onward march as the largest social media platform for professionals. 200+ million professionals. This indicates that many professionals recognize the opportunity for career and business.

However, only 20% of professionals on LinkedIn are active  (if we  take the study on the FTSE 100 companies as a representative sample). Thats a small fraction leveraging on the connections to growth their businesses.
A study of the FTSE 100 companies revealed that even though 96% of the employees on the platform had a presence in form of an account, only 1 in five was active. Here are 5 tools your PR machine can use to energize your base:

A quick way to gauge the sentiments of peers and your market. This can guide the next steps in content creation and engagement.

Use the In-mail messaging
This is rarely used especially because it requires upgrading the basic account to premium. It does work.

Targeted status Updates
Tailor your messages to reach specific connections. Never post generic messages.

Answer Questions
This is a quick way to set oneself apart as an expert and create the reputation that you need to get more business.

Share Presentations
This is a powerful way to share ideas and content across many connections, which form reference for your expertise.

Congratulations, LinkedIn!

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[Image courtesy whatsupsmiley]

LinkedIn Inforgraphic

LinkedIn Inforgraphic


One response to “Turkey, Fastest growing country on LinkedIn

  1. Just to clarify, our study looked at how many companies were active (in the form of company pages), not the employees or professionals at those companies.

    Thanks for giving us a mention though.

    Niall Cook, Co-founder, Sociagility Ltd

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