Midem Shindig -Monetizing Music


The annual event attracts opinion leaders and decision makers of the music industry.

Midem, The World’s Largest Trade Fair for the Music Industry is happening again- 28-31 January 2013 in Cannes, France.

Knowing the power that music has on social engagement, 2300 companies will attend, which is probably every brand most average consumers interact with daily.

Midem is a ‘thermometer’ of how the music ecosystem is being transformed by technology and how the audience is responding. Hot on the itinerary is Visionary Monday with telling discussion on what tomorrow’s music industry looks like and notably the topic ‘Music as data-informed business.’

Midem is the place where music makers, cutting-edge technologies, brands & talents come together.–midem.com

Midem is already pushing for innovation using a competition–Midemlab, where startups and APP developers come together to propose the most likely apps and innovations that will help music executives, artists and brands to engage and monetize audiences.

Download and discover this year’s finalists. Also, remember to book your tickets.

[Image courtesy welovefestivals]


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