Social Media Holiday Data : US

Crowd at a Social Scene

Crowd at a Social Scene

According to the SocialBakers report for December 2012, the 169+ million US Facebook users loved engaging with Walmart all holiday season. It also reveals that Samsung is the third most social US brand on the social media platform.

But there’s more, MTV was the most socially engaging Media network on Facebook, with Air France USA having the highest ‘Post Engagement Rate.’

The most popular post was Macy’s photo of ‘warm and cozy boots for her-a perfect gift for placing under the tree.’ The photo elicited 374,000 likes, 6445 shares and 4300+ comments.

You are now able to see any brand´s fan distribution within any country you select thanks to our monthly Regional reports and our Facebook Page statistics section on our homepage.–SocialBakers

Soon some case studies on how to post the most engaging content over holidays will be floating around. Just so you are prepared, the post had 127 characters, included a link and some boots arranged like a Christmas tree 🙂

Kohl’s on Facebook too the 2nd and 3rd most popular posts-and the appealed to the benevolence of their customers with a ‘like for donations’ drive.

Get enlightened here.

[Image courtesy samanthaeverts ]

US Facebook Users

US Facebook Users Interactions over December


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