Facebook SEO, Preparation for takeoff? #PRNotes

Facebook Graph Search

“We can answer a set of questions that no one else can really answer. All those other services are indexing primarily public information, and stuff in Facebook isn’t out there in the world — it’s stuff that people share. There’s no real way to cut through the contents of what people are sharing, to fulfill big human needs about discovery, to find people you wouldn’t otherwise be connected with. And we thought we should do something about that. We’re the onlyservice in the world that can do that.”

– Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook introduced its Graph search as a clear warning to Google that it was angling for some piece of the search pie. And why not, 600+ million people actively use the platform. Facebook has postulated that Graph Search will make it easier for people to discover business pages and engage with brands more. The recommendations came in soon after:

  1. Update your address and location details so that they are relevant to potential customers in your area, when they appear in the organic Facebook Graph Search
  2. Correctly share the name, category and Vanity URL in the “About” section to help people find your business

The recent tweak of Facebook search may be a great leap into better targeted traffic and more satisfied Facebook users and businesses. But what are the other underlying ideas?

Social Media’s first dynamic search engine – Graph Search will, according to Facebook, “tap into the vast knowledge that Facebook has about what we like and do,” to provide more exposure to content we don’t know exists in our circles.

Brands now have to optimize their pages for Graph search with Facebook claiming that page content is only seen by 16% of fans on average. With Graph Search, users can see results with people, places, photos and other content that is shared on Facebook.

Ultimately, brands can just post information in the categories that Graph Search focuses on that is people, places, interests and photos. This shared content will become more discoverable-when liked- to the Facebook community.

Read more here.

[Image courtesy NiallKennedy]


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