Letterboxd- Welcome to the ‘Good Life’


I’ll tell you what’s good! “Letterboxd” going freemium on us, allowing people to sign up to the social network that’s all about movies and the accompanying rave reviews. Finally we all know where to go for real one on one reviews and spend less tine on bad movies. And that there, ladies and gentlemen, is a kick butt reason for signing up. This is the next biog thing in social media. No kidding!

For you PR folks, its another new way to engage with a different set of audience only this time round, you have to have watched the movies they love, for you to connect.

Will it be fun? You bet.

“In the simplest terms, Letterboxd lets you share your taste in film, and get inspiration from others. But you can also use it as a simple diary to record your opinion about films as you watch them, and keep track of movies you’ve seen some time in the past. It lets you rate, review and tag films as you add them to your repository.”–The Next Web

Headquartered in Auckland New Zealand, Letterboxd has logged in a magical 1 million films October 2011, through February 2012, and while it was ‘invitation only’ gathered 40,000 members who contributed 400,000 reviews and 44,000 lists, while adding approximately 8 million movies to their profiles.

We totally get their beta phase–more refining and more content inclusion–including plugging in the ability to import historic film data from IMDB, delicious library and Netflix. At Letterboxd, you can also filter your watch list by Netflix availability.

Read More here.

[Image Courtesy Fast&Furious6]


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