The Google Chromebook Pixel delivers Panache

The Pixel

Or does it?

The Pixel is daredevil pricey, but may mean better technology for less (soon) with the impending race for high quality retina ready displays.

I know what you are thinking, ‘how much?’ Its $1299 for Wi-Fi and $1499 for LTE.
But these guys are clever–

“Other recent Chromebooks, such as Samsung’s $249 model, have been aimed at consumers who want something that’s affordable as well as simple.”–

Google launched the Chromebook Pixel, on Thursday, 21st February 2013, and with it delivered a high quality 4.3 million pixel screen, which is almost double the number of pixels on a Windows laptop and still ahead of the MacBook Retina.

Available in two versions-when The Pixel ships in April, users will enjoy either a Wi-Fi only model or a pricier one that plugs into superfast LTE networks.

The Pixel, powered by an Intel Core i5 chip, not only looks great, but also provides an excellent touch screen experience for amazing navigation.

One thing that Google may have to improve on is the fact that The Pixel runs on Chrome OS and hence largely depends on Internet Access. However, the document management system Quick Office allows you to check documents off-line.

Google says The Pixel is for the “Power cloud user” and rewards that user with 1 TB of free space. Well, cloud computing is the future and the Pixel is a precursor to probably what cloud computers will look like.

The LTE version takes away your continuous hunt for available Wi-Fi hotspots so that access to the internet is “always on.”

“Imagine never having to enter another Wi-Fi password, or ask another barista to restart their router, or choose where you’re sitting based on the number of bars in your Wi-Fi signal.”–Chris Taylor

[Image Courtesy Time]


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