Carrotmob campaign. Quest for sustainable business


Dangling Carrots is not a forgotten art. At least not for the CarrotMob, a for-profit that is determined to change commerce through the power of collective buying. And companies are beginning to see the PR opportunity!

No this is not another Groupon-like site. But they do have some similarities.

Carrotmob is all about rewarding green behavior. Now it has a reward of its own in a partnership with consumer goods giant Unilever.– Lindsay Riddell

Carrotmobbers offer to spend their money at a business if the business will in turn make a change that the Carrotmobbers feel passionate about. This could include doing sustainable business, going green, dropping environmentally unfriendly practices-whatsoever the CarrotMob identifies as important for the planet.

Already having run 250 campaigns successfully across 20 countries and territories, CarrotMob ventures-in their own words- use the “carrot” instead of the “stick” to give businesses a positive incentive to change.

Why is it a problem-sustainable business? Well, One of CarrotMob’s most recent campaigns involves Yuubi sushi, a premier sushi and Japanese restaurant located in Richmond District. Their problem?

After understanding that their current source of fish is unsustainable, they have decided to source more expensive yet sustainable fish. On an ordinary day, expensive raw material usually translates to either slimmer profit margins or a more expensive menu with the risk of customer fallout.

” Carrotmob consumers around the world will determine what action they would like Unilever or one of its brands to do — and dialogue with the company to reach an agreement on an action that the company is willing to take after a given amount of money is spent on a target product.”–Brent Schulkin – the founder of Carrotmob

So CarrotMob steps in during the pilot phase of such transitions with great results. Some campaigns get Carrotmobbers to commit to purchases for up to a year, giving businesses the cushion they need to transition to sustainable raw material and processes. That’s what’s up!

See their Video!

Image courtesy hedonoeko projekt


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