Chobani-Greek Yoghurt, well done in Turkish Hands

Chobani Strawberry

Many love America’s favorite Greek  Yogurt. But few know its remarkable story. To make the picture clearer, check this out–in 2013, Chobani will sell more than $1 billion worth of yoghurt.

5 years ago, Chobani had close to zero revenue.

“The yogurt that most Americans ate for decades was a travesty… too thin, too sweet, too fake.”—Hamdi Ulukaya

Hamdi Ulukaya, was raised milking sheep at his family farm in eastern Turkey. Then in 1994, he moved to the Big Apple to learn English. After moving about looking for a dash of comfort, he moved upstate where he found farm work while he attended classes at SUNY.

2004. By a stroke of luck or genius, Hamdi bought a dilapidated yogurt plant that Kraft foods was closing, and settled down to creating Chobani.

This thicker, creamier product that retains its good taste and texture for at least six weeks, is a darling to the palate. But it took 18 months of trial and error to get it right.

Chobani couldn’t afford to advertise, so the packaging became almost as important as the yogurt itself. “If you’re going to be buried in the lower left corner of the shelves, it had to pop,” — Joshua Margolis, co-author of a new Harvard Business School study on Chobani.

Probably a trait that Hamdi Ulukaya shares with other great inventors of his generation, like Steve Jobs, is his obsession of every minute detail, including the cups.

“You can make this a moment: the opening of it, the eating of it, the experience. I spent so much time on every single detail …” Hamdi Ulukaya

Don’t give up on your idea.

Read More Here.

[Photo Courtesy prnewswire]


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