Social Media is now Social Commerce on


“With Chirpify, Amanda Palmer sold a $20 t-shirt every 30 seconds, ultimately selling north of $5,000 in merchandise from ONE Tweet.”–WSJ

Finally some clever guys found a way to bring Social commerce to social media. You don’t believe, that? We’ll the next part will be even more amazing.

Chirpify is a social media platform that allows brands to sell products and services directly on social media – all the interested client does is reply to or comment on the post of interest using the word “buy” to purchase instantly.

“Obviously, for brands, the value proposition could be huge.”–TechCrunch

There is no checkout process, no shopping cart, no filling of credit card details, and no linking off social media.

This darling is now available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Chirpify has successfully turned replies and comments into cash by enabling businesses and consumers to sell, donate, fundraise and pay in-stream on social media. To participate, clients sign up for free and fill out their PayPal details and shipping address on Chirpify.

To buy from a brand all you have to do is comment with the word ‘buy’ while to receive a freebie, ‘gimme’ suffices. Fundraising is simply a matter of typing ‘donate’. Brands are about to get really happy with all the data of social media purchase intent coming their way!

All these transactions are free for users-of course.

In Other News, before Chirpify could say ‘buy’, Soldsie checked in with ‘sold.’

“No need for card-swiping.”–Social Commerce Today

[Image Courtesy United Way of the Lower Mainland]


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